Larry June Merch

Larry June Early life

The Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco is where Larry Eugene Hendricks III is from. He was conceived by young adults. He went to Atlanta, Georgia, at the age of four and lived there until he was sixteen, but he would visit family in San Francisco every summer. After middle school, June went to Jesse Bethel High School in Vallejo, California, for high school.

His father dabbled in rap, which influenced June. He would distribute CD’s with his music to schools in his area, and found a breakthrough after selling his music to Rasputin Music store in Berkeley. June later dropped out of high school to focus on making music.

Larry June Merch

Larry June Merch – Net Worth

June’s first professional record deal was done with Warner Records, which offered him a $20,000 advance for two EPs (extended plays).

He felt Warner Records did not have the same vision as he did for his music, causing him to stop producing music for two years and instead tour from 2014 to 2016.

In 2016, Larry began producing new music independently, which was subsequently released from Warner Records. By releasing music independently, he was able to keep nearly all the profits from his releases.

After a few months of his music being available on DistroKid, a platform to aid independent artists generate revenue on their streams, Larry had accumulated over $50,000 in streaming revenue.

Since that point in 2016, June has released numerous independent tracks and is in a position to keep a majority of the profits from his music.

Along with streaming revenue, June has continued to tour throughout his music making process.

He has 223 million views on his YouTube channel, which has generated him over $600k in ad revenue. read Blog